Friday, 6 June 2014

AAR - Early War - Japanese Hohei Chutai v British Jock Column - Encounter

Alex and I got together for our first Early War game together, making it my third in total. It was nice to face something other than Ben's tank horde and I was really hoping to get to use Japanese in the style they were intended. As I'd just finished my Italian buildings they featured...Japanese v Brits in Italy...that happened right? We rolled Hasty attack, I chose to attack and attack at night...nice :)

Hohei Chutai
  • Company HQ with Regimental Standard
  • Full Hohei Platoons
  • Full Hohei Platoons
  • 3 Type-89 Tanks
  • 3 Type-89 Tanks
  • 2 Type-38 75mm Guns
  • 2 Type-41 75mm Guns
Jock Colloum
  • HQ
  • Motor Platoon + 2 AT Rifles
  • Motor Platoon + 2 AT Rifles
  • Carrier Platoon
  • Carrier Platoon
  • 3 Crusadiers
  • 4 47/32 Portee
  • 4 18/25 Pounders
  • 2 Bofors Guns

The board and with objectives.

Alex deploys, a motor coys and crusader coy on left flank,
opposite the obj he placed.
On the right flank a single Motor coy (AA guns are in immediate ambush)
Scouts, AT guns and Artillery are in reserve
2 Rifle platoons and Regt Guns all on the right, leaving the objective an
easy target
Alex naturally places his immediate ambush to bolster the right flank, that's a
lot of shot for me to get through
DT1: straight forward...I chicken out of doubling, in case he manages to see me
AT1: makes a move for the (see through) objective...tanks only move 8"
at night
DT2: I get reserves, bring on the artillery to act as AT guns, they fail to see
the tanks, but are now a good deterrent
DT2: Infantry continue the advance
AT2: Alex brings on the transports and the coy get on the bus
AT2: Drat, his AA guns see me and shoot the gun teams.  1/2 guns down
DT3: The first of my tanks arrive and start down the left flank
DT3: Guns stop to provide covering fire, 1st rifle coy, reach assault
range whoop
DT3: Artillery pound the infantry and portee AA guns, what FP6...but they get the pin
DT3: That's a lot of defensive fire, glad I bought banners
DT3: 4 hits bah, who needs banners?
DT3: 2 down, Alex breaks off
AT3: Night lifts, nooooooo! Crusaders turn round and score 3 hits, needing 6's
to glance,  Alex fails all FP rolls...sorry dude that sucked.
AT3: Really wish I had more night time, everything shoots my rifle coy 5
hits this time, not pinned thanks to banners, but the standard would have
negated a pin anyway.  4 stands bite the dust...and yes that's quite
common for me.
AT3: The trucks keep coming
DT4: 2nd Rifle coy moves into assault range, 1st Rifle coy re-arrange
themselves for another charge...I want sword teams up front and light mortars
teams giving covering fire.  Fortunately I manage to cut down a couple of
AA guns as they don't have gun shields...but man you should have seen
how many 5+ saves Alex rolled.
DT4: 2 tanks unbail and try to shoot back - stupid.
DT4: AA guns run away - BOHICA
DT4: Again a fair amount of DFire
DT4: Sword team misses lol, but still lots of stabbing
DT4: Alex fights back...not much choice really.
DT4: I finish off the platoon and cover the objective...Alex doesn't get any reserves and I take the game.
It was tempting to stop the advance and I worried that I'd left that objective open, so I gambled on getting my reserves. Also this is the first time I've used night...I hate it when it's used against me, so it was nice to have it work for me for once. This was a great mission for my Hohei Chutai and everything went right for me. Alex was very unlucky to not simply swipe my tanks off the table. 

Thanks for reading, Winner (no really) Dave

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  1. Good job. Looks like an almost textbook game by you, Dave.

  2. When it goes right it goes really right...but it can easily go wrong as I found out today :)