Monday, 20 May 2013

Zvezda BA10

Good evening chaps

I thought I'd share my BA10s, I painted them some time ago in preparation for Campaign.

I have to agree with Steve at WWPD, these are a horrible model.  I would not recommend them at all, unbelievably fiddly to put together and the end result is a model with a tonne of gaps.

I don't like modelling at all so things like this just annoy me and I find it difficult to put much effort into the paint job.

As a unit BA10s rock, they're recon,  which is why I went with a camo scheme.  They have 2 machine guns and the gun is AT7.  The 12" move is really helpful in an army like mine which is generally very slow.

They've even managed the odd side shot into a Panzer or two, which is very satisfying.

I went with a different technique for chipping.  It's a touch stronger and next time I'll tone it down a bit.  However it is so much quicker than my usual method of using a sponge.

TBH, I've applied so much weathering the camo effect and modulation has been overwhelmed and on the table is barely noticeable.

Sometimes less is more...

thanks for reading



  1. Great work on these BA10, love the colors!

  2. Really like the effect here.

  3. They look really cool.
    I must admit I have not tried any of the Zvezda stuff... not sure I like the snap fit idea, it seems a little too 'toy-ish'

    I must admit these are are bizarre looking vehicle, almost more akin to Steampunk than WWII !

  4. The snap fit on the other models works really well (I still glue them though). I don't think these are snap fit though.

    With the lights there was snapping...but no fitting :(

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Next up - Tankodesantniki

  5. They look great Dave

    I would also say they look better in the flesh.