Monday, 27 May 2013

Volksgrenadier - Sturmtiger

Hi all

Adam here again with another bit of painting for you. The mighty Sturmtiger.
I don't know who was in those houses and I just don't care!
Firstly the model itself was a real pleasure to put together, with the nice bits of crew to add some character. I was apprehensive about the spare shell, so magnetised the top of it and the winch to keep it together or not together easily enough.

As for the role of the Sturm tiger – well it is there to level buildings, a role it excels at.

Frankly if you’re against any enemy in buildings they will quickly not be. I had always ruled out this vehicle as I though it was otherwise a little useless, but I notice you can target gun teams in the same way as infantry in buildings, so it has another use for softening up the enemy if they stay out of buildings. (and before anyone asks yes I will add some giant buildings to my terrain set hopefully – and that’s because I’m a fun guy lol)

They also have a decent front armour, and top armour 2 which adds to the survivability as well, and with the length of their gun, I really see them as a sit back and shoot unit – probably vulnerable to smoke sadly when coupled with their awkward layout.

Well I look forward to trying them out

Until next time thanks for reading

Dr Cox


  1. Very nice!
    Magnetizing the shell on the winch was a lil' touch of genius.

  2. thanks, stops it breaking every 5 minutes!

  3. I got my friend a couple of these, Command Decision though. So far he's still painting them, but my infantry are cringing at the chance of facing them in the future.

    Very nicely painted sir.