Wednesday, 22 May 2013

US Para 57mm Anti Tank Gun Platoon

Hello All

another updated with my latest platoon painted up for my Market Garden US Para Army. The final platoon for the army (for now anyway) an Anti Tank gun platoon.
I made this platoon more as a need than a ant for my list. They are only ranged AT asset in the list which isn't a platoon of British tanks which I didn't have much success with in my practice games. I really didn't want to take the 57mm guns as in Market Garden they have No HE, which massively limits their use.

One of my favourite tactics with the platoon is to send the Bazookas off by themselves to assault tanks or very weak infantry platoons that come to closes to them.
Overall I'm happy with how they turned out. I really feel I have mastered the way I like to paint US Paras, just as I have finished my last platoon. But now it's time to turn to new projects and the up and coming Welsh Open at the end of June.
Thanks for reading and until next time,



  1. At least they(the 57mm AT guns) can now shoot as rifle teams if attacked by infantry.

    1. Well yes but I'd prefer a FP 4+ MG team with a gun shield!

  2. Love the pics! The backdrops look great.

    1. Thanks Steve

      I find the backgrounds really help the photos.