Monday, 13 May 2013

Volksgrenadiers - Skorzeny Commando's

HI all DrCox here again

I've finished another quick unit for my Volksgrenadiers, but while the painting my be small the unit itself is very interesting.
The commando's have some fascinating rules, for those of you who are unaware they are

Perfect Disguises
Skorzeny Commando teams are considered friendly teams by your opponent’s force, although they do not consider the opponent’s teams to be friendly teams. As such, they can never be shot at, used as the Aiming Point for an Artillery Bombardment, or assaulted, by enemy teams. Nor can Skorzeny Commando teams shoot, launch an assault, or perform a Stormtroopers move. However, unlike normal friendly teams, enemy teams can shoot through Skorzeny Commando teams.

Spread Rumours
They can pin down an enemy unit

Reverse Road signs
They can stop reserves entering within 12 inches

Observe Defences
They can stop ambushes within line of sigh and 8 inches

All of these require a skill test and there are another bunch of rules about how close you can get and being exposed. 

The thing I like though is that they force the opponent to play slightly differently. If you're attacking they're excellent for stopping reserves arriving, or pinning down HMG's/Anti tank guns or even artillery, and can even force command teams to move to counteract their threat. And the fact they move after enemy units should keep them one step ahead. 

In the end I often think it's the potential damage they could cause rather than the actual damage which is why they are effective. 

They do have down sides though, they do mean you're down a unit - i find that often means i won't have 9 units deployed, and they also compete for recon in my list which is something I like to have!

As for the models themselves they're mini diorama's you get lots of options, and ways to assemble the units on the base. If you notice the scarves are blue as in the wikipedia article it mentions them using pink or blue scarves - but winner had my pink paint grrr

So all in all a fun little unit both to model pain and play.

Thanks for reading

Dr Cox


  1. Great pictures, I really like your vignette with the sign...

  2. The sign is mainly placed in/near where my lady is from/or we'be been toi