Monday, 20 August 2012

Token Effect - 11th Armoured Gaming Token Review

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About a month ago I was on the WWPD Forum and came across a post on custom Flames of War tokens. One of the users (Dvalin) had set himself up to small company called Token Effect that make tokens that can be used for Flames of War with any unit Badge or icon you want on them. Well I'm a sucker for add on products so I was straight onto him and ordered myself a set of 11th Armoured Tokens for my 15th/19th Kings Royal Hussars, a couple of weeks later the arrived in the post and I thought I'd do a review of them.

On first looks I was very impressed with the tokens. They are well made and so far have been very durable (after all whats the point of wargaming tokens if they fall apart from being handled?). One slight negative was a few of the tokens had what looked like slight air pockets what distorted the colour of the tokens in certain light, but this is a small gripe that didn't really bother men a great deal.

They compare very well to the Battlefront tokens. In fact if you didn't know which was which I don't think many people wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

You get a good amount in the set with 6 Bailed Out, Bogged Down, Pinned Down, Gone to Ground and Dug In Tokens, 3 Non-Assaulting Team Tokens and 2 Reorganising, At The Double and Range in Tokens. This is more than you get in the Battle Front sets which is good as I normally found you didn't quite get enough tokens in their sets.

A nice feature I liked is the Range In tokens are numbered which will help me a lot when I get around to my British Infantry Company as I plan on running two different artillery batteries.

So the conclusion, I think these are a great buy. The set cost me about $26 posted (or around £16.50 in real money) and I 'm already looking at getting some more sets down including a set using my blog logo. There is an extra charge of $5 for a new design, but once someone has paid that the rest can be bought at the normal price. He also does a range of Objective markers and I will pick a few of them up in the near future.


* Custom Designs - so you can have any unit you want!
* Good Amount of tokens.
* Well made


* The one or two having slight air pockets.
* I want to buy lots of them! (not a problem for me but my soon to be wife doesn't see eye to eye with me on that one!)

Overal 9/10

So if your interested in getting some for yourself either check out the WWPD Forum post, or check out the Token Effect Facebook page.

Here is a selection of other designs Token Effects produce. 
These will probably be the next lot I order for an up and coming Finnish project
 I'm planning.
Finnish Objective Markers. I really like the idea of the photo objectives,
simple but effective.

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  1. Nice heads up, I may check these out. Thanks.

  2. Awesome. Likewise thanks for the link.