Monday, 27 August 2012

New Additions To The Team

Hello All,

Today I'm proud to say we have two new additions to the Breakthrough Assault team. My good friends Adam and Dave are joining the blog and I hope will add something new content wise (hopefully for the better!). So I'll let them introduce themselves.

Hi I'm Adam and I'm a Wargamer...
Ben's asked me to introduce myself and I have no idea where to start! So let's start at the beginning, I started as a 6/7 year old with model planes, mainly WW2 hurricanes and spitfires, and that was always something I have loved. From there I indulged in some 40K and WFB  until a brief hiatus in my mid teens.
But even though I wasn't gaming or painting I kept an eye out before rediscovering Blood Bowl in my early 20's and then back on the wagon!

I'm a relative new comer to FOW only starting last year, but I really like the clever use of combined arms and the more strategic aspects of the game. This has stoked my other great love, terrain! I have an almost pathological love of terrain, and like to make sure there is enough varied and quality terrain available for a game.

Hope you all enjoy my rambling contributions.

And now Dave, AKA "Winner" Dave, AKA Coops, AKA Hangfire Dave

Good morning,

Ben has very kindly asked me to contribute to his awesome blog 'Breakthrough Assault', which I am pleased about because I'm way too lazy to write one of my own.

I got into Flames of War in August last year, when Ben wanted to run a Infantry Aces campaign.

After a failed first attempt with some British Infantry I decided I wanted to use German armoured cars. However, I'm not the greatest of players and my win to loss ratio is so bad I've stopped counting. Slowly I've been adding Tigers to my army as I figured I need something easy to use.


So there you go the new members of the team.

Just a heads up but September is a bit of a mad month for all of us, I'm moving back to Bournemouth, going on my stag do and getting married. Adam's off on holiday and well I'm not sure what Dave's doing but I know he's busy. But from October you'll hopefully see Dave and Adam appear on the blog a far bit. Also you will see me and Adam getting stuff together for a joint project... but more on that later.

As Always Thanks for your time.

Ben and the Team.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your post guys :)

  2. Hola amigos. "my win to loss ratio is so bad I've stopped counting" lol.

  3. Damn, I really need to update my facebook photo. Most people wouldn't recognise me with hair...