Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Black Bull - Heavy Mortars

Hi All

Been burning through the British and I have painted up a Heavy Mortar Platoon. I'm not sure they'll see the table top too much (Luttrells CS Platoon is just to cool not to include!). But they are a nice option to have and if I do a British Infantry company I'm sure they'll find a place in the list (I have been toying around with a list that includes Heavy Mortars, 25 pounders and 5.5's.... it does make me feel a bit dirty!).
They aren't my best paint job ever, in fact until I added the static grass and the tuft clumps I really didn't like them (might have something to do with the bases being brown and the uniforms being brown). But I think they turned out to a good table top standard.
I really like Heavy Mortars in Flames of War. For the British I see the Heavy Mortar fills a similar role to the Nebs for the Germans. It's cheap (which is nice), it's great of smoke and it's not to bad at knocking out enemy infantry (Firepower 3+ is bloody good!).
I'm still waiting on the next lot of tanks, so the British might slow down for a bit for a few weeks. That isn't a problem for me as I have about 30 Soviet tanks on the painting table.... I'm massively thankful for Soviet Armour Spray!

Anyway as always thanks for reading and until next time.



  1. Nicely done man. I must admit I've never quite used mortar platoons before. Will definitely give them a try after seeing how nicely you've painted yours.

    I tried green for my para bases and have since used it for my infantry.

  2. They look good Ben, and no doubt will drop some much appreciated heavy fire fire on your opponents.

    I have some heavy 12cm mortars I need to get done for my panzergrenadiers... AT3 and 3+ firepower are much better than the standard 8cm mortar - but theres no smoke option...

  3. Nice! Ben what colors or method do you use for your basing? The contrast is great and doesnt take away from the minis.

  4. Nice work! Looking forward to trying out mortars myself in our upcoming Case Yellow campaign