Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tigers In The Mud

Good morning,

Coops here with his first post! I finished my latest instalment of tigers this weekend, which brings me to 7 (I'll stop there).  These are Forged in Battle's offering and as models go, I love them to bits.

Unfortunately my airbrush (a cheap Chinese copy) has given up the ghost, so I was back to painting with a brush.  They are a lot darker than I wanted, but I'll survive.

Also, to cut down on the amount of unpainted terrain I have.  My new resolution is to paint a piece of terrain with a platoon.

That's all for now...next up a panzer grenadier platoon.

Thanks Coops


  1. They look great. I like you Terrain resolution, I think I'll take up the same oath myself.

  2. I hope they kill many Allied Shermans.