Monday, 3 November 2014

Project FInland : Finnish Sissi

Hello all Coxer here,

So here is it the final platoon! It’s a lovely sculpt, and very interesting too. It comes in 2 pieces, the main body and a separate set of skis, which fit into the new style bases pre drilled holes, though I do wonder why these guys come in little packs of 5 and not in one big blister… They fit in relatively cleanly, a little fiddling with the poles is needed at time.
I painted them as I have done the rest of my infantry – I’ll be honest these are not my best work – it was a real slog trying to motivate myself to paint these guys, and I have never been so happy to finish a platoon! It’s been a tough project, and finishing on a big old infantry platoon is just what you don’t want at the end! The main change was using the black-brown for the ski’s – this I think looks really nice contrasted to the white of the snow.
In game terms these guys have some nice rules which I’m looking forward to try out, the first is of course ‘motti ambush’ this is a free ambush with the platoon (and any combat attachments) anywhere in your deployment zone and no mans land, you only get to move and shoot – so no assaulting – something which I think would be far too useful with the potential of 3 close defence teams – either way I think this is a great little option to also hunt backfield units like mortars and artillery.
Alongside the close defence upgrade these chaps can also be upgraded to SMG – now this opens another avenue with the motti ambush when facing an infantry force, especially if they’re moving in the open – a man can dream.
If however you decide not to ambush them they are still a recon platoon, so can lift GtG and also advance quickly – aided by traditional finnish rules about doubling through snow and woods.
The biggest downside for me though is the points, at 310 points it’s a huge investment in any force – and it also competes with pioneers for a slot – and I think they are just so much more useful in both offense and defence.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this unit, there shall be a final round up coming soon, till then.


  1. Great work with your Finnish troops, very...atmospheric...brrrr!

  2. Cheers - perfect for wintertime