Sunday, 2 November 2014

Blog Highlights October

Hello All

October has come and gone so it's that time again where I take a look at some blog posts that caught my eye. First up this week is Chris from Wargamer on Tour and his post about the up coming plastic sets for FoW.
 You probably have seen these already, but it's worth bring them up in case you haven't or if like me you're very excited by the British Infantry and the plastic Comet/Cromwell set, a British army is now firmly on my plans for next year.

Next up we have a post from one of our favourite blogs, Crac des Chevaliers. He has done a great post about getting over the painting blues.
As you can see from the picture he's someone worth listening to!

Another favourite of ours is Krieg's Corner, he's just reach his 100th post.
His stuff will want to make you cry (seriously who painting eyes in 15mm!) but man his models look great on the table and what I like is he focuses on the less know tanks of Mid War (see the picture above).

Not FoW related but I made a guest appearance on the excellent blog Full Spectrum Dominance, where my Chinese Fleet took on George's combined Indian and Australian Fleet.
The game had everything including the new Chinese Dragon ripping a ship apart! If you like Dystopian Wars or Infinity I recommend you check this excellent blog out.

Finally Adam has started a blog about Drop Zone Commander.
Not my cup of tea (well coffee as I don't drink tea) but maybe some of you would find it interesting.

Well thats it for October, if you see a post you think needs highlighting please message me at, message us on facebook or Twitter or leave a message below.

Thanks Ben


  1. Comets, finally... I hope to heck they don't overprice them points-wise....

    1. I think they will be pricey but usable, they'll be cheaper than pershings at least.