Friday, 7 November 2014

AAR - Mid War - Mixed Tankovy vs German Pioneers - Dust Up

It's been a while since I have posted up an AAR and with the combination that I haven't done an AAR with Kev "The Silver Fox" Perry yet and Reading Warfare around the corner it seemed like a good time to do another one. 

I rocked up at KP's place and we rolled up Dust Up, one of my favourite missions. I had played against KP's army at the Breakthrough Assault MW One Dayer with my Armoured Rilfes and came off worst for it (Although I did give KP a few headaches!) so I was out for revenge. 

Note:- This was to be my first game with the Mixed Tankovy and spoiler alert I made a few mistakes, but that's why you practice so you know what to do when your at the tournament.

Motorised Pioneer Company
  • HQ
  • Full Pioneer Platoon + Panzer Knacker
  • Full Pioneer Platoon + Panzer Knacker
  • Heavy Platoon - 2x Mortars + 2x HMGs
  • 4 Pak 38s
  • 4 Brummbärs
  • 1 Looted KV-1e
  • 2 8-Rads
  • 3 Nebs
Mixed Tankovy
  • 1 HQ KV-1e
  • 6 KV-1es
  • 10 Matilda CS
  • 8 Stuarts + AAmgs
  • 4 BA-64s
  • Limted I-153


Motorised Pioneer Company
  • Full Pioneer Platoon + Panzer Knacker
  • 4 Pak 38's
  • Heavy Platoon
  • 2 8-Rads
Mixed Tankovy
  • 8 Stuarts
  • 4 BA-64s.

The Table
The KV's deploy to the left of my objective
The Matildas towards the right objective. They were planning to move
towards Kevin's reserves.
Kev's deployment area
The KV is parked between the two objective, the Brummbars set up
aggressively to move forward. 

Motorised Pioneer Company: Kp won the dice off to be the attacker and placed his KV, Brummbärs, Nebs and an Infantry platoon on the table. The KV was placed to guard both objectives and with the infantry screening them. The Brummbärs were placed to be aggressive.

Mixed Tankovy: I deployed my KV's and Matildas on the table, the KV's to guard my objectives and the Matildas to move towards KP's reserves. Note:- This was a mistake! I should have put the Matildas in reserve and had the Stuarts on the table, but I will cover this at the end.


The Matildas move out
Here come the Brummbars!
The KV-1 takes a snap shot...
...and bails a Matilda.


Here comes the Soviet Air Force but they fail to hit anything....
The KV's back up a little to keep themselves out of range of the Brummbars
The Matildas keep on moving.
The Brummbars continue their advance.


Again the KV-1's back of from the Brummbars, that 16 inch range and
bunker buster is a bit of a weakness.
The Matilads continue their advance but make sure to stay hidden.
The Bummbars again move up, we are getting close to some action!


The Soviet Air Force turns up again and again fails to do anything....

I got my first reserves and bring up the Stuarts to MG up the German
Infantry who had for 3 turns failed to dig in!
But they only manage to kill 1 base....
Being cornered the Matildas don't try to avoiled the Brummbars this time
and move forward.
The KV's also decide to press on and move up.
KP's first reserves tuen up, a platoon of 8-Rads
The Nebs focus in on the Stuarts destroying one.
The KV add's its weight to the attack and destroies another tank

And the Brummbars advance ends with 2 blown up Matildas.


The last of my reserves turn up and use the newly wrecked Stuarts as cover!

You know what happened... waste of points!

The KVs move up and make sure they are hidden from the
Brummbars in the village.

The Stuarts take out a Neb.

The 8-Rads move around the woods to cover the objective incase the
Stuarts get brave!

The Brummbars reorganise, the far two shot the Maildas again but to
no effect. KP also got his Heavy Platoon this turn, they can be seen
in the wood behind the far Brummbar.

The KV opens up on the Stuarts, hitting twice....
....but fails it's firepower test twice.


Seeing an openning to do something the Matildas move up to MG the
Heavy Platoon.

The KV's again move forward, they are almost in position to do something!
The Stuarts kill another infantry base.
Whle the move Matilda in range kills the platoon leader and a mortar,
not bad for three shots!
Kp gets two reserves, his Pak38's...
...and a Pioneer platoon.
The Brummbars destroy a tank and bail another...
...the Pak 38's bail two more...
...and the flamethrower pass his firepower and bails one.
The Artillery destroys a BA-64 and bails one.
This time the KV loads proper shells and destroys a Stuart
The Matildas run off and the Pioneers do a shotting was too successful
assault to contest the objective.... not a good turn for the Red Army.


Not being in range to contest the objective the KV's move up to shot the
Pionners and a Brummbar.
The Plane also turns up, heres hoping for a hail mary pass.
The KV-1's kill an infantry team, who isn't holding the objective.
But two of the KV's combined to destroy a Brummbar (moral victory!)
The plane does no damage and KP holds the objective at the start of his turn

So 6-1 to KP. 

It was an odd game, the first few turn saw little action but once the reserves started to turn up the game got going. I stupidly lost my Matildas trying to be aggressive completely forgetting Kev's reserves... that ended up costing me the game in the end. 

I still had a chance to kill the game even with my mistakes. If the plane had done it's job (having 3 goes at the looted KV and it didn't even make Kev take a save!), then the Stuarts would have had free range over the German rear area and I could have put him under pressure, but still that's what I get for relaying on planes! 

We talked it over afterwards and my main mistake was not deploying the Stuarts at the start (funny how it's so clear afterwards!). They could have doubled to the long wood that cut Kev's deployment from his reserves. From there they could have gone after Kev's reserves or got behind kev and targeted his Nebs or infantry from the rear. Also the Matildas would have then arrived with there CS rounds and would have been happy for the KV to take a few shots at them without much fear of taking casualties. But hell I'll know for next time! 

Always fun to play Kev and I look forward to a rematch. 

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  1. Grizzly are easy to kill from the flank or rear. Use those Stuarts on them taking advantage of their speed. Grizzly has to be stationary to hit an enemy tank Bunker buster is not a good AT weapon except for the AT and FP numbers, and turret less AFV are easy to flank. Your tanks are all slow or very slow except the Stuarts. Your air would have been more effective against artillery or strafing infantry - not a heavy tank with 2 top armor. Matilda has 2 pdr except for 2 in HQ with howitzer (the CS tanks). I get the impression you had a lot of CS tanks?

    1. @Mike- I disagree with most of that. I did say in the notes at the end I should have put the Stuarts on the table at the beginning of the game. But with hen and chicks they wouldn't have hit too much and would have gone after the reserves.

      The air has at 6 rockets, if they could have killed the kv1 there was nothing that would have stopped the Matilda's from rolling through is infantry after a few turns of lifting gone to ground and then a charge.

      Finally soviets can have whole platoons (soviet companies) of CS Matilda's, as they have he rounds and normal Matilda's don't I wanted them in the list. If you don't mind me saying your tactics seem based on using western allies (mainly British) and not soviet tanks. That makes a big difference.


    2. Also saying that an at 7 tank is a good option to take out side our 5 tanks is a out of whack if you ask me. They will have to move as will hit on 5s at best and the brummbars save on a 3+ with only a 1 giving me a kill chance. That's not good odds for 8 shots,