Thursday, 22 May 2014

WWPD Italian Campaign - 26th Panzer Division

Hi and welcome to my attempt at an axis list for the new Italy compilations.

What are my thoughts building a list this time?

1) I like German armour lists which are mobile and can attack yet not be too vulnerable to infantry AT

2) I like combined arms (so recon, smoke, arty)

3) I want uniquely Italy book units

4) I want some high end AT too!

My initial thoughts were 'which do I go for HG Panzers or Elefants' both being pretty unique lists. But as I flicked through the book I hit upon the 'normal' Panzer company, and was honestly a little underwhelmed - it looked a bit similar to the ones from Atlantik Wall - then I turned the page to the Flammpanzer - which could combat attach - and I felt a fire rise in me..
So I assembled this list pretty much back to front, by that I started with support then went to the core.
So first up Nebs for smoke. (Always like three!) then some anti air - my pair of flakpanzer 38t's might come out of the box here. Recon - well 8 rads always serve me well. Wow 3 platoons already! 
Next I wanted flammpanzers, only a couple as they'll be ineffective in some situations. As you have to equally combat attach I also wanted to avoid panthers for my core platoons, so high end AT would have to come elsewhere.
So I hit my local shop, grabbed 2 flammpanzers - so that was all that would be in my list! Then 2 platoons of panzer 4's again points available dictated a platoon size of 4. This left me with needing some high end AT - elephants are Ben's baby so I've left them, but I can have some panzer 4/70's so I'll take 3.
And there you have it an Italy tank force. It might not be competitive and it is very conservative treading my tried and tested panzer lists but with a new flaming twist ! in an Italy theme I think it has legs and look forward to rolling over my burning opponents!
So final list:-
2 HQ Panzer IV
4 Panzer IV
4 Panzer IV
3 Panzer IV/70
2 Flammpanzer
2 Flakpanzer 38t
2 8 rads
3 Nebs

Thanks for looking



  1. I think it looks like a pretty solid list. Is it 1780, 1750 or 1650 points? I think those flames tanks will be a lot of fun against dug in infantry blobs.

  2. It's 1750, played it now about three times (realised I missed the mighty bergpanther from the list!) the flammpanzers are great but have to move cautiously. Would highly recommend the list

    1. Do you CA the flame panzer or use them as a seperate plt ?

    2. So far always combat attached. If I find the points in a later list iteration for a third I'll possibly try running them as a unit, but two it too weak

  3. Can you gun tank the FlammPanzer?

    1. You can but it's not something you want to do Dave

    2. I wouldn't want you "forgetting" now would I :)

  4. They're Pz III among Pz IV, so most definitely

  5. Great looking list. I have had a lot of success with FlamPanzers. Infantry dug in and in buildings are quickly dealt with.

  6. Nice list!

    I'm impressed that you were able to resist the call of the Sem 105! I certainly wasn't!

  7. It was something I've considered and will likely get - but other projects were sadly more pressing at the time