Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Japanese Type 38 and Type 41 Guns

Good morning,

Today I finished off my Japanese list with the addition of a Regimental Gun platoon and a Field Artillery battery.

Both platoons get the "fire bursts" national rule, so I don't have to re-roll hits when bombarding. 
The Type 38, is a heavy gun with a gun shield.  It can fire bombardments (AT3) or be used in direct fire (AT8)
Type 38 75mm Field Artillery

Likewise the Type 41 can fire bombardments (AT3) or direct (AT6), but is light, hence the medium base.  It too has a gun shield.
Type 41 75mm Regimental Guns

So, it's to these two additions to the army that I'm going to be relying on to stem the hordes of Soviet tanks, I'm not sure 8 shots is enough but it'll take some of the pressure off the infantry and hopefully allow the tanks time to close the range.  Unfortunately there's no smoke, which would make this army quite formidable, but I like a list to have both strengths and weaknesses.

Hope you like them, as per usual I painted them slightly differently to how I did the infantry, but the colours match.  I actually used an airbrush too do the uniforms and will be looking to perfect the technique with future models.

Thanks for looking



  1. They've come out great, the different colours on the bases really pop. Pretty useful AT for Early War too. Cheers, Paul.

  2. Stop it, you're making me want a Japanese Cavalry army again...... Looking good skipper!

  3. An excellent work, with beautiful bases!

  4. Thanks very much all, seems paying more attention to basing is the way forward :)