Monday, 19 May 2014

Area Nine Italian Buildings Review

For my birthday this year I was a very lucky WinnerDave, my wife bought me some Buildings for the Italy board I'm working towards.

I had this company brought to my attention by eBay no less, which is good as otherwise I don't think I would have found them

I got the multi pack - 14 (in the middle), the church - 15 on the right and an out house - 10 on the left.
The multi pack consists of 4 buildings, 1 ruins, and 6 wall sections.

I made one small modification to them, which is to glue plasti-card inside the roofs and upper sections, so they don't slide about too much (thanks to Andy for the suggestion)

This shot also gives you a look at the detailing on the floors...nice bit of parquet in the church.
 The walls are really rough, which makes it ideal for drybrushing and washing.
I really haven't done these buildings justice with my paint job, I pretty much got them painted in one day, just in time for the Italy global campaign.
Admittedly I haven't got around to doing the's not essential in my view but I will eventually one day...
So here's the important can fit 2 medium sized bases in a regular house section.  The church can fit 6 medium bases in and the square areas are spotter size.

I'm so pleased with these buildings, they're great quality, fun to paint (even if I over complicated it) and they look superb.  I can't wait to use them in anger.  I'm definitely saving my pennies to buy some more.

Area nine terrain Italy range of buildings get an assault rating of [broken through the front line, support lines, and knocking at the gates of Berlin].


Winner Dave


  1. Thank you, very glad you like them ,
    Regards Neil ... Area 9
    PS ... we have some new releases :-)

    1. Oh hey Neil, that's good news - a Russian table is definitely on the cards...but not until my Italian table is complete. Keep up the great work.

  2. A friend got some of these great products a while back.
    They really are a great product.

  3. I have nominated this blog for an award here...