Monday, 21 April 2014

Painting Walls Like Stone

Good morning,

This is a quick update on some painting I've been doing and in particular an effect I experimented with.

Flat surfaces can be a real pain to paint...there's nothing to highlight and it's difficult to not end up with a  completely flat painted surface.

In an effort to bring my painting list down to a manageable size, I thought I'd pick something quick and easy. Walls!

These are from Kerr and King (KK-023 15mm Stucco Wall set and KK-083 Stucco Wall Corner Set)

So, I set about trying to make these walls a bit more interesting by using a technique to make the surface look like stone.  Basically you hold a piece of card/wood/plastic right next to the nozzle of your airbrush at an angle.  When you spray, the paint hits the obstruction and flys off in the direction of the angle, creating a splatter.

Here are some of the results...
This is a tricky technique to repeat.  

One moment, it'll be working really well and the next moment you can't even tell where the paint is shooting off to.  

Here you can see I managed a fine grained pattern on the long wall, but things worked out differently on the short wall.  This is probably sue to how far I was holding the brush from the object...I'm still learning.

These corners were a nightmare, so they don't look as good.  When I sprayed the walls I laid them down, but that wasn't possible with the corners so I kept them stood up, which made the angle tricky.  In retrospect I should have fashioned some blu-tack based prop to hold the corners up.

Well, I hope this has whetted you appetite for trying out the stone effect technique.  There's some good youTube videos on how to do it, so if you do have a go, please take a picture and send it to me at, i'd love to see them.

That's all folks