Friday, 25 April 2014

Finally Ready for Art of War....almost!

Hi Guys,

Andy Here with a quick post and some pictures of my final models for my Art of War army. As you may have noticed though the StuG in the background is still a work in progress but I still have Friday night for that!
I had to change tactic for these last platoons and did them as one big batch. Normally I really dislike doing it this way but with time running out I decided my best option was to at least get everything up to a certain standard. As it happened I had more time than I expected, which was just as well as I'd never have made it otherwise! 

I'm particularly pleased with the way the SS turned out. I had some real issues to get the brown right for the tunics as I really didn't like the slight pink tinge with the German Camo Pale Brown which is normally recommended, but I got there in the end!

And finally the full army shot. 

This is a real first for me and I'm really glad to finally have a fully painted army to play games with. Getting there has been very enjoyable but with a few tough times thrown in too. Having painted all that infantry all I can say is bring on the tanks! I can almost hear the squeaking of tracks and revving of Maybach engines!



  1. Well done Andy, glad you made it.
    If you can, I recommend you mark the rear of the bases some how, so you know which stand belongs to which platoon...saves potential confusion on the battlefield.

    1. Can't recommend this enough! Also, a way of telling your 1ic and 2ic apart is super useful!

  2. Good job getting it all done. They look like a really coherent force. Good luck at the tournament!

  3. Well done mate - just remember your only aim is to drink more than Ben

  4. Super nice. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!

  5. Looking great Andy, nothing like a deadline to get a man moving! Fully endorse Winner Dave and Fez-man's comments about marking the bases, it's one of the best playing tips ever :-)

  6. Very nice work, a great looking army!

  7. Great job! Good luck at Art of War. I'll be rooting for you. I ran into a similar issue with tans and light browns with pink tinges redecorating our house recently. It was driving my wife and me crazy.