Friday, 11 April 2014

AAR - Late War - Medium Assault Gun Regiment Vs Kampfgruppe Piepier - Free For All

On my continuing effort to try and get the MSPAR to work I arranged a rematch with Cid's Kampfgrappe Pieper. His list had changed a little but in same ways this was probably better for me! 

My only problem was I had sold my PSC T-34's and my new BF ones weren't ready yet, not a massive problem as I had just finished painting 3 IS-2 and was dieing to give them a go. 

We rolled up Free For All, which was a nice change of pace for me (seem to mostly get mobile battles resently).

Medium Self Propled Artillery Regiment
  • HQ T-34/85
  • 4 SU-100's
  • 4 SU-85M's
  • 4 SU-85M's
  • 3 IS-2 + Tank Riders
  • Short MSPAR Recon
  • 4 Heavy Rockets + Extra Crew + AA
Kampfgruppe Pieper
  • HQ King Tiger
  • King Tiger
  • 3 Panthers
  • 3 Panzer IV's
  • 2 Ostwinds
  • 3 Sd Kfz 234/1 (2cm)
  • 6 Sd Kfz 251/9 D (7.5cm)

Cid's Left flank
Cid's Right Flank
The middle of the German lines.
The Soviet left flank.
The Middle of Ben's battle line
My Right flank, I messed up here a little and put too little support here...
Turn 1

We rolled off for the first turn and I won the dice off, the middle of my line moves up trying to use cover to reduce the return fire.
The SU-100's set up their over watch
The brave (or maybe stupid) Battalion Commander tries to out flank the Panthers and King Tiger. 
The only shot of the first turn, but it's a good one and a halftrack is destroyed.
Cid moves out with his left flank keeping the Panzer IV's hidden from my SU-85's
A King Tiger destroy a T-34/85.

Turn 2

The Battalion commander continues his advance
The IS-2's move up.
On the right flank the SU-85M's decide to bot from the King Tiger.
The Su-85M's support the IS-2's in the middle and open up on the Halftracks....
...destroying two more
See there chance the Rocket fire at the King Tiger to hit the Panthers but fail to range in
Cids right flank gets aggressive.
The Recon takes the objective.
On the other flank the King Tiger takes two shots at the IS-2's...
But only bails them
The Panthers shot at the SU-85M's destroying one.
The other Panther takes out the Battalion Commander T-34.

Turn 3

The Su-85's turn to face the Germans
While the infantry advance to contest the objective
The IS-2's move up and shot the Panthers to no effect...
The Su-85M's also shot the Panthers to no effect...
The Su-100's take a few pot shots at the half tracks...
....destroying another one and the platoon breaks.
The rockets aim for the half tracks to try and move them for the objective, but fail to do any damage.
The Germans surround the SU-85M's on my right flank.
The Panzer IV's take one out...
...before the King Tiger removes another one, but the platoon doesn't break.
The Panthers fire at the Su-85's and kill the platoon commander (got to get my head around not having mission tactics!).
Again the King Tiger shoots at the IS-2's but only bails one.
The Ostwinds open up on the Recon
 but only kill one base.
The recon then opens up but doesn't do any damage.

Turn 4 & 5
The recon unpins and then moves towards the objective.
The IS-2's move up again to see the Panthers that stormtroopered away.
The remaining SU-85 withdraws to try and take out a Panzer IV.
Again the rockets bombard the recon and bail one.... none of the rest of my shooting did anything
Cid goes for the kill.
The Recon kills another infantry team.
The Panzer IV's surround the last SU-85M.
Finally taking him out.
This left the King Tiger to shoot the other SU-85M platoon. taking out two of them
The Panther manage to do in one shooting phase what the King Tiger had failed to do the whole game and wipe out the IS-2 platoon.
In my turn 5 my recon fails to unpin and I bombard the recon killing one but it's not enough and I call it.
So 5-2 to Cid.... the more I play Cid the more I find myself admiring how well he hinds his tanks. He really doesn't let you see them unless he has to. I was never able to engage the Panthers with my SU-100's. I made a big mistake in deployment by leaving one objective so open, but having to attack with this army is never a good thing...

The IS-2 were a bit of a waste, they weren't fact enough to put pressure on Cid, they didn't have enough shots to do anything the SU's couldn't do and as Cid had no infantry they had nothing to assault. I think a company of 10 T-34's would have been a much better buy. Still fun game but back to the drawing board with the MSPAR.

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  1. Nice report Ben, great looking table and pictures too. Germans versus Soviets is always a good match-up, it's like a boxer versus a brawler!