Monday, 17 June 2013

Volksgrenadiers - Nebelwerfers

Hi all

Adam again with more models for my volksgrenadiers - and barring a miracle, the last infantry I think!
I ordered these off ebay, but was a bit special and got the 21cm instead of the 15cm ones, but I think they'll more likely be those guys as i need the cheap smoke bombardment!

I've been told that point for point nebs are some of the most effective artillery in the game, but I'm never 100% convinced when playing against them, I always like the look of 3 RT though just because they can drop smoke (and when they get hit by return fire, probably never unpin lol!)

I painted them much as before, as mentioned in my post on the Flak 88's I wish i mixed the crew up a bit too.

I was so glad to finish painting these guys, after 4 months of painting winter uniforms i think it's finally got to me, so enough i think is enough lol!

Anyway I hope you like them, and thanks for reading



  1. I find Nebelwerfers a good Artillery unit when you don't have the points for other weapons. I prefer an artillery unit that can fire direct for those times you need it but often I have to go with these guys instead.

  2. I'm liking them more and more! 70pts for 3 - even if they are RT is a steal!