Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just Deserts - The Road To Colours 2013

Hello All,

and welcome to the first post of 'Just Deserts' Dr Alex and my monthly Early War Desert painting challenge. The name was better than our other suggestion which was 'CBeebies', the lesson from this was never ask a toddler an important question.

The goal of the challenge is two fold, firstly for each of us to get a 1500pts army painted for the up and coming Early War tournament at Newbury Colours 2013 and secondly to have a selection of Desert themed EW armies by the end of the year. We ummed and ahhed a great deal and then plumped for Ben doing Axis and Alex doing Allies.

As the first goal to get armies painted for the Newbury Tournament in September, (which is 1500pts) we'll aim for a 500pts monthly target. Then the aim is to play some games against each other, and hopefully not discover that what we have painted up is awful in game terms. This done the next part of the challenge will focus on bulking out said forces for the following three months (I'm sure playing a few games will be thrown in there). After that we'll see what we want to do.

So thank for looking and keep an eye out for our monthly up dates.

Ben and Alex


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this! I'm currently working on a Crusader Armored Squadron. I recently picked up Hellfire and Back! and I'm hooked.

    1. Hellfire and Back is my favourite FOW book by far. I'm really having to tell myself not to do Italians and British to go with my Germans... but my will power is fading....

  2. You guys are painting machines, looking forward to seeing the results. Also Colours is a great event!

    1. Thanks Dave.

      I'm looking forward to Colours and to playing some EW, it seems very different from MW or LW.