Monday, 10 June 2013

Panzergrenadiers - Flak 88

Hello all Adam here,

Is there a more iconic unit than these guys? I picked them up cheap of ebay, and after seeing another blister of winter gun teams at my FLGS, I picked them up and got too work.

There are a couple of regrets, firstly, I should have mounted some infantry on another base, but they were by now welded on with superglue!

The second was that I quite rigidly used the figures from the infantry guns, and when I then did the nebs (another upcoming post) I realised I should have swapped some figures between the 2, but hey-ho!
On the other hand I like the paint job on them as before, but I did realise just how bored I'm getting of painting winter figures! I also magnetised the top of the gun to the base to ease transporting.
In the game they're pretty awesome, with a long range AT13, they cause people headaches, though as I tend to sit them back, they're effectively AT12. The other problem is as always them having such a poor 5+ save when they shoot, which means keeping them concealed (limiting deployment) and at long range to maximise how hard they are to hit is essential.
Anyway I hope you like them - oh and my Volksgrenadiers can't take them which is a real shame!
Thanks for looking



  1. well done Adam. I was thinking maybe a weak white wash on the guns? But that would probably just be too much white.

    They look great anyways :)

  2. a few people have mentioned too me white washing some of the guns/tanks, and having look on google, there are lots of different ways the germans did and did not camoflage their vehicle etc.

    The issue I have is that I like the vehicles to be useable in any theater of war, and so if they're not winter camo'd up I think doing the guns and such like in a winter camo would look a little odd.