Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Late War Hungarians - Part 3

Hello all

I have sent myself a painting challenge with my Late War Hungarians, I have a big muilti player FOW game planned for the 22nd April as part of my Birthday weekend. I have planned what to take with my follow Axis player and we will have 2.5k each. So I now going to try and paint the whole 2.5k before the 22nd April. I'm hoping this is an ambitious but plausible target.

My list is:-

Hungarian Assault Gun Company

HQ:- Zrinyi II's 75pts - Finished

Combat Platoons:- 
3 Zrinyi II's 225pts - Finished
3 Zrinyi II's 225pts - Finished
3 Zrinyi II's 225pts - Finished

Support Platoons:-  
Assault Pioneer Platoon with 3 Squads + Faust + Supply Truck 305pts - Finished
Motorised Artillery with 4 149mm 14/31M Howitzers 225pts
Rocket battery with 6 43M Rocket Launchers 150pts - Finished
Assault Anti-Tank Platoon with 3 Pak 40s 155pts
3 Tigers 585pts - WIP
Motorcycle Scouts with 3 squads + Faust 230pts
Sporadic Air Support JU87D Stuka - Finished

I have worked out if I do about a unit a week I should finish on time.

So wish me luck!

Thanks for reading Ben

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