Monday, 9 November 2015

Team Yankee - Tale of Four Gamers

Hello All

With the new Team Yankee rule set coming out we decided to have a painting challenge to get us to paint up our armies as fast as possible, But this challenge won't be as ridged as previous challenges.
There won't be a "paint X points or X number of units in a month", as this is a new game and we don't want to worry about release dates we are going to paint up the units at our own pace but with the goal of having a 100pts army painted in three months (around the end of January). So expect regular updates over the next few weeks and months. So lets see what everyone is planning.

US Mech Infantry - WinnerDave

I didn't so much choose US Mech Infantry, it was what was left after the other forces had been bagged.  In terms of actual units, I went for "as many toys as possible".  I've no idea how the game will play, but at least this way I should be in strong position to respond to the changing meta.

In terms of painting, I see this new force as my biggest challenge to date.  The US uniforms BDU are 4 colours (Green, Brown, Beige and Black) alone.  Then there is the camo scheme of the vehicles.  At least the platoons are small, I've done my research and bought the paints I think(hope) will work.

As with my Jordanians, I intend to post up guides as to how I go about things, so would appreciate any feedback of how I'm doing.  I'll aim to do a guide on how I made the display board as it was a really enjoyable project.

Basing-wise, I'm aiming for a late autumn feel, with patches of snow on the ground...I think that'll be tough to pull off, but I fancy giving it a go.

US Tanks - Marc

I was very pleased to have ended up having been allocated the US Tank list to build, the thought of putting together a Soviet tank horde or trying to paint platoons of camouflaged US infantry just filled me with dread!

An initial read through of the rules shows that the US Armour lists will be fast, hard hitting but ultimately small and very pricey.  It will be interesting to see how they stack up against their Soviet counterparts on the table.

The core of my force will be a couple of M1 Abrams platoons, a platoon of Mechanised infantry in M113 and then a whole slew of support units such M163 DIVADs, M113 mortar carriers, TOW ITVs, FISTs (snigger....) and of course the obligatory air.  I am really looking forward to putting together the A10 Warthogs.

Hobby-wise I am intending on using this as an opportunity to really take my painting up a notch or two by using some more advanced techniques in detailing and weathering my tanks.  I am also toying with the idea of basing my infantry around a common theme such as a German village to just set them apart a bit more.

More than anything it will be nice to start a project based around a theme and try to bring it all together rather than try to rush an army into service for the next tournament.
Soviet Mech Infantry - Ben

After a little wheeler dealing with Adam I ended up with Mech Infantry, something about "it takes me too long to paint infantry Ben and you are sooooo much better at painting infantry than me so I should do tanks". While this is probably true I was still worried about the mass of Soviet Infantry I struggled to paint for my WW2 Soviets. Fortunately Soviet infantry battalions in Team Yankee are much smaller than their WW2 counter parts.

This is one of the pictures I'm basing my tanks on.
Once we had the final book I sat down and had a long think about the list. I think the Soviet Mech "mandatory" choice, in the form of six Hinds. They are mandatory because they just look amazing and they are, to me, an icon of the Cold War. I do have a feeling they will also be effective in the game for out flanking.

Infantry is a very strong list if you take the BMP 2's; they have a lot of firepower with their AT-5 Spandrel Missles, AT 21 with no penalties for range. I did want two maxed out Companies of them but I needed to save points and I only got two medium sized companies, that is still 19 BMP 2's with the HQ. My next port of call is what I'm calling the 3rd

Next up I added seven T-72's for some tank support and to give me something hard that can assault if needed. I also added four more BMP 2's but this time a scout unit as they give me the new spearhead deployment rules. Six 2S1 Carnation give me my artillery support a long with a BMP 1 OP to help them range in and finally some AA (not sure if I will go missiles or MG AA yet, they are the same points anyway).
Painting wise I'm still having a think. Adam and Winner are up for a near winter style basing and
while I'm up for that I worry then infantry will look out of place without winter coats. The tanks will be green either way as if I do go down the near winter look it will be very late autumn and so they haven't had time to white wash the tanks yet. I'm also planning on painting these up as a Guards unit, no effect on the game but it'll make them look a bit different and as I understand it the Guards logo is the same as it was in WW2 and I have plenty decals of them left over.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will be following us


Soviet Tanks - Adam

So once again another challenge, and this time I'm doing what I want - hoards of tanks! (Unlike my UAR project which was also hoards of tanks).

So starting with the list, well firstly I wanted a lot of tanks - secondly I wanted cool support. I
guessed that I would do the reverse and start with the other bits and then go for the tanks. So firstly maximum hinds and assault troops with them - firstly this is cool secondly it's all the infantry I need!
Next Artillery, I went for the hail launchers for a cheaper option to allow me more tanks, I also added a OP BMP, next the obligatory AA this was easy as the Shilka looks sexy, and finally some recon in BMP form. This left me with enough points for 15 T-72 - same as T55's I own - I like the symmetry.

As far as painting goes, I was initially thinking of a winter camouflage initially, but the test models I tried it on just didn't look right. In the end I've gone for green on its own with panel highlighting (or something like that!).

Anyway hope you enjoy!


  1. Good plan! As for me I already have so much US kit done up in MERDOC, I just need more
    Soviet stuff...)

    1. Which MERDC scheme did you do and have you photos anywhere?

    2. Bit of a back story here, I joined the US Army in 1978 and at that time we had to paint the cammo pattern on the new vehicles from depot ourselves at unit level.
      The truck/track or gun would come in Forest Green base coat, then we would use the army Technical Book to chalk in the outline for the other three colors. Of note
      in the regular army the second color was a field drab and in the reserves and national guard it was a sort of lime at a glance you could tell the regulars from the reserves, kind of dumb but there you are.

      So in short I use the old pattern four color scheme in stead of the new NATO three color one. Also of note, the new paint is chemical weapon resistant and can't be done at unit level.

      look up named regiments to see some examples.

    3. That's awesome, thanks very much for sharing.

    4. I might be wrong, but there is noch MERDEC on US-Vehicles in Central Europe. At the time of the conflict most of the the tanks would use the 3 pattern NATO Camouflage to avoid identification of NATO forces by camouflage pattern.

    5. The change over to the CHAC paint started in 1984 wasn't really complete until 1992

  2. Is each challenge 100 points? I'm reading this and I can't quite tell.

    1. I appreciate the clarification, and am simultaneously depressed. Planning on building a motor rifle force, and it is soooo many BMP's....

  3. Great post guys and good to hear your logic. So glad you have decided against the winter schemes! Autumn sounds good as it probably would have been the time of year the Sovs went West, once the harvest was in and they could mobilise the collective farm trucks etc...I think we will see a rash of new armies around January - something to look forward to after Christmas - will follow your progress with interest!

  4. For those attempting US infantry cammo there's an excellent tutorial here:

  5. Also - the white stripes on Soviet tanks and guards markings were done for parades. Unlikely to be used in the field like that. The only red star/red banner markings I have seen regularly are on Naval Infantry vehicles. What does seem to very common in pictures in the three-digit vehicle ID numbers. Does anyone know how this worked? I'm assuming it was similar to German three-digit marking in WW2 with one number for the tank the second for the platoon and the third for the company.

  6. The Soviet C/W Army used the same numbering system as in WW2, each unit was encouraged to come up with something different to fool intelligence services. One Corp's 3 digit number will not mean the same thing as another so you can do what ever you like really - they did!

  7. Hordes Adam, not hoards. Grammar nazi strikes!

    Anyway, sweet looking lists, look forward to seeing them painted.