Sunday, 1 November 2015

Team Yankee - Army Deals

Hello All

We have a special Sunday Team Yankee post for you today. Early this week the army deals got posted up on the Team Yankee Facebook page.
We thought we'd have a quick look at the box sets on here.

As we can see the sets are all plastic and as Phil said on the podcasts they sets are designed so you will want to buy more than one. 
It also looks as if we now have a release date for Team Yankee as the 27th/28th November, so keep your eyes peeled on the Flames of War website and your local gaming store.


  1. This would be more helpful with an actual link, as neither google or facebook seem to think this facebook page exists.

  2. Thanks Ben - good to have the release date confirmed!

  3. The warstore had it at $100 usd, but they've taken them down since they no longer include the APC elements.