Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Beyond The Foxholes Episode 42 - Interview with Phil - Team Yankee Special - Part Two

Hello All

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 42, we join Ben as he asks listener questions to Phil about Team Yankee.

We cover everything from scale, to the stream lined rules, new artillery and plane rules and finally a little sneak peak to what is coming next for Team Yankee
You can download the episode here.
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  1. Another fantastic podcast answering all the questions I can think of - for now! It all sound bang on - especially now I know the Brits will be next up!

  2. Really enjoyed this. Cleared up a lot! Glad the Brits are coming and that the idea of increasing technology is a pretty good idea.

  3. Are they going to release the correct vehicles for 3 Shock Army to face the British or still try to convince us that GSFG was full of T-72s? From one who was there at the time looking at T-64 and T-80s!

  4. I was right behind you Nick

    "We're going to hang out the washing on the siegfried line, have you any drity washing mother dear".....oh hang on wrong war

  5. Interesting chat about UK armour, 84 was the first introduction of Challenger 1, but in BAOR there was a mix of Chieftain and Challenger Regiments until the 1990s. Hopefully they will not forget the M48 which were still present.