Friday, 13 March 2015

T34 obr 1940 Commission

Hello chaps

This week I managed to get a second commission finished in time for BA3, where I will be able to hand them over to my client.

Even though all I seem to paint now a days is 4BO green I really looked forward to painting these fellas.  I find my painting style and techniques I want to use change and alter every time I sit down to paint and painting T34s is no exception.  Problem is, I want my existing army to look as coherent as possible, so I try not to change my style.  So a commission of 3 T34s gave me the opportunity to explore some alteration in my technique.

First off, I want to get the overall effect lighter, much lighter.  I dislike seeing the hordes of overly dark miniatures you see adorning our tables...keep it light people.  For this I had no desire to change the paints I use, but to incorporate a greater degree of the lighter colours and also to stop being so heavy handed with the filters and black lining.  Also I felt I wanted to incorporate edge highlighting, which leads to a lighter overall finish.

Secondly I wanted to achieve a cleaner finish.  So often I find my finish is quite messy, and I end up looking at other painter's (Reuben, Cameron, Juha) results and I want to emulate that finish.

Thirdly, I wanted to ditch the sponge chipping technique and use my paintbrush, which involves painting the highlight colour first and then the grey/brown colour.  I really like the outcome of this effect, I  will improve as I do it more, but for a first stab I'm happy.

I hope my client likes them, if not I'd happily buy them off him.

Till next time


p.s. It's lose, not loose.


  1. They look very nice. The painting does look very neat. How many airbrush highlight layers did you do? I have some kv1s going up on Tuesday. I'd be interested to see what you think.

  2. Great looking T34. I really like how you handled the chipping of paint and armour. Very nice indeed!

  3. Thanks again guys, I use migs ammo range dark base, base, light base and highlight in the 4bo set...I really like them.