Monday, 5 August 2013

Panzer IV/70's

Hi Everyone

For those of you that don't know Ben is the president of the Panzer IV/70 appreciation society, so it should be no surprise that he gave this platoon to me!

The Panzer IV/70 is actually a pretty useful assault gun in LW I find, It's got a decent AT and is significantly cheaper than the Panther which has the same gun!
If you remember I used the painting of these guys to demonstrate the War Spray from PSC, so you saw a bit of the process behind them, but hopefully you'll like the finished result.

The model themselves were simple to assemble, and enjoyable to paint, much more so than those awful panzer IV's were to put together!
Anyway thanks for reading



  1. Nice job, they're another platoon on the wants list here at Bowman Towers...

  2. Really nice models - not a vehicle I have seen a lot of in German Armies. Great to see the whole unit like this.

  3. Great painting. I really like to see a whole platoon of these.

  4. A platoon of those buggers annoyed my left flank to heck in my last game!

    At least yours are painted in comparison though. Good stuff sir.

  5. Cheers guys!

    The more I play with them the more I wonder 'are they worth it?' in the end AT14 vs AT11 when facing shermans isn't too much difference - then you play jumbos/soviet heavy tanks, and it's 100% needed!

    Also a real pleasure to paint, there is something so cool about the assault gun aesthetic

  6. It's too bad these only seem to be available in the 5 tank box set.

  7. The models look great on that icey road, lovely paint job.