Friday, 16 August 2013

Market Garden - Guards Armoured Recce Review

Hi again, I'm here again.

I know this has been out for a while and that Ben also did a review of the US cavalry box, but I still feel it's good to look over these boxes
So what do you get for your money? Well you have enough for the core of any Cromwell force (except rats in Normandy - you're missing a firefly!) You also get some decent support - M10's and Stuart's. Alongside this you get 2 very nice resin objective markers and all the dice, decals and markers for your force.

Now the saving - I worked this out by taking two of the challenger blisters and assuming a straight swap of the firefly for a challenger. So with 2 boxes, 4 M10's and three Stuart's it costs you about £122 - so you basically get the objectives, decals, dice and tokens for free which is pretty sweet if you ask me!

Now how am I going to paint this, well I prefer to paint in chunks, for this lot I'll likely do it a platoon at a time - probably throwing the objectives and HQ cromwells as a separate block, so 5 chunks of painting.
As for a list well I'm working on that currently so keep you're eyes peeled for that post. But I'm fairly certain all the Cromwells, and Stuarts (and possibly the M10's) will be in the list, and that's what I think makes all these boxes useful, the fact you can make a decent list out of them, and they're not 3 good units and one duff one. 

So all in all I'm giving this box 9 'God save the king's' out of 10 - it's only failing in my eyes is that with all the tokens and dice they could do with a tin!

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  1. It is the little additions like the decals, dice and objectives which make the boxed set cool. I have a box of Cromwells for my welsh guards, might grow it from there. Will follow how you get along with your painting.

  2. You could always try and track down a couple of Open Fire Fireflys to give you more option cheaply.

  3. Though I've yet to paint my box (Currently working on Land Mattresses), it's put together and thus far has won me 4 straight games. Shermans be damned I say! :)

    Did the Welsh Guard have different Guard insignia than the usual Eye thingie?