Friday, 9 November 2012

Preparing for the tournament Part 2

Okay, it's now 6th November exactly 1 week has passed, since I wrote the first post.

I've managed to break my 3 golden rules of painting...
  1. Paint bases before painting figures
  2. Don't add static grass until after the figures are painted
  3. Don't try out different painting techniques when you're working to a deadline
So all infantry are based...there's some touching up to do and the edges.
1st Platoon got an first coat of dark colour, over which I was intending to paint a second lighter colour and continue up in layers.
Whilst 2nd Platoon got an undercoat of white with a black ink wash, which I intended to use as pre-shading.

Both platoons then got flesh colour added.
I don't usually paint this way, normally I paint the main colour, ink wash, re-establish original colour, then a highlight and right now I'm wishing I stuck to this method, but I guess if you never try anything new then you'll never improve.
So far the tanks and plane haven't been touched and I'm still sorting ut in my head how i'm going to tackle them

More to come.....