Saturday, 29 September 2012

Busy Month!

Hello All

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, as I said on the last Cromwell post this month was always going to be hard going to get anything painted with moving twice, getting married and going way for a honeymoon sort of thing.

The wedding went well as did the move. But to make updates even harder I'm without Internet until Oct 10th.... Not ideal!

I'd always like to say sorry for Adam's AAR, I have fixed it now but the WWPD program has a few problems with it and Adam (bless him) was a bit lost on how to fix it.

Anyway we have lots of updates coming soon, including a Tale of Winter Games series of articles me and Adam are doing. I'm back into my Hungarians adding a load of infantry, Dave has almost finished his Tiger company with Fallschirmjagers up next and the Breakthrough Assault tournament isn't far away. So lots to look forward to.

Anyway as always thanks for reading.


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