Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Late war Hungarians - Part 8

Hello All

I have now finish the 3 other Nebs to complete the unit. Not much to say other than they were still fun to paint (I normally hate painting the same unit twice!) but the Launchers are a slightly different shade of Yellow than the first 3 (probably something you would only see if you held models from the two different batches together!).

So the 3 newly painted Nebs

The whole unit together

Not 100% sure what I'm going to do next, I might have a small break for a week (as my Artillery sets should turn up at the weekend) and to paint either Bang The Hun ME 109's or maybe some WFB.

Anyway thanks for reading, Ben


  1. Nice, just started my own platoon of these...

  2. Cool Nebs! Now lets see some more Bag the Hun action :-)

  3. Thanks. I'm just putting the finishing touches to 12 ME 109's tomorrow. I'm not as happy with them as I was the Hurricanes but they'll pass for a good table top standard. I hope to post pictures either Friday or Sunday.

    Thanks Ben