Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Fighting Irish

Hello All

I have finished my first test model for my Irish Guard. I decided to paint up Joe Vandeleur first as normal my test models end up being the best painted model in my army so I thought it should be an awesome model (and he's Michael Caine!)

I'm happy with the results, and this might have been the easiest paint scheme I have ever done!

It was painted (and this is also a reference for me as when I come back to armies I always forget how I painted the army!) was:-

* Spray it Black then War Paint British Armour Late War
* Dry Brush Russian Uniform mixed with Khaki, then a really light dry brush of Khaki.
* I then lined with model with Devlan Mud
* Next up was add the decals and paint the details (tools, tyres, etc)
* Then dry brush on the mud with Flat Earth, followed by Green Brown and finally a really light dry brush of buff.

Next up is are 10 Shermans and 3 Universal Carriers, I hope to have them painted by the end of the weekend.

Thanks for looking Ben