Friday, 16 January 2015

Winner Dave's Captured Half-Tracks

Now when I said the DShK trucks were the last of my Soviet units for a while I was of course lying.  I didn't mean to lie, but it's just worked out that way.  I discovered in my bits box that I hadn't given my lone SdKfz 250 to Adam as I thought, I also discovered that EnToyment had taken a small batch of stock from Plastic Soldier Company with some Zvezda model thrown it.  £2 for a single SdKfz 251...hell yeah.

This is also a good unit to bring a very different feel to the army as it grants me access to the infiltration rules.  I think that could be a lot of fun to try out, although no doubt my opponent will roll the 6 needed for detection.
I've kept things simple for this unit.  If it proves to be a winner then I might revisit it with its own SMG teams and some rota tank riders in the back.
To kick 2015 off I have a good size commission and I really need to sort out owning, mid-war and early war armies, so this really is it for the Soviets for a while.

Thanks for looking


  1. Good to see you are back. Infiltration is pretty good. Some crew would look great in these.

  2. Nice tidy painting on the "borrowed, one careful lady owner" half tracks. You do need to finish them off with passengers though.