Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Tale of Two Winter Gamers – Because we know winter is coming!

A Monthly Painting Challenge Starting 1st Nov 2012 

Hello All,

Adam and me have been playing with the idea of a painting challenge for a while now. We are both fans of the old White Dwarf Tale of Four Gamers that ran back in 1997 (I think, it was in the first WD I bought anyway) and so decided to base it on a similar sort of idea. We both really wanted to do the Bulge and with Blood Guts and Glory, Devils Charge and Nuts having just come out it seemed the right choice for us. After a quick talk it was decided that I’m taking on the US as I haven’t done a US since I got back into FOW and Adam would do the Germans as he hasn’t got an axis army, but we’ll both talk more about are choices in later articles.
We are doing a winter board along with the armies as we thought if you are going to do winter armies they need something to fight over! So this has been put into the challenge with the goal of one piece of terrain a month.
So the Agreement-
1)      To complete the set points or unit each month and to complete a Bulge themed terrain piece.
2)      The first month will be a core platoon plus the HQ.
3)      The second month will be the second core platoon.
4)      The target for the third month is to have at least 1000pts painted
5)      From month 4 onwards the target is to complete 250pts (with a little ley way) a month.
6)      For month 5 instead of doing terrain we are going to do themed objective markers.
7)      At the end of 6 Months we should have 1750pts to 2000pts finished, 10 Terrain pieces and 4 themed objectives.
8)      Games with AAR on the blog from month 4 with the aim to have one AAR a month.
9)      From month 7 to 12 will be a little more ad hoc with a goal of 1 platoon a month.
10)  We have a plan of a Battle of the Bugle Firestorm Campaign that I’m working on as we speak which will start once the first 1750pts is finished.
Forfeit –
            If myself or Adam fail to complete the months target then as a forfeit the person who failed must buy a 6 pack of beer for the other person to buy back into the challenge. If both of us fail then we both must buy beer to buy back in and we’ll get very drunk watching rugby or something.
So there you have it, expect to see me and Adam post up details of the armies we’ll be doing and our overall goals in the next week or so.
As always thanks for reading


  1. Good luck with your project!

  2. Ben, what type of company are you thinking of doing?

    1. You'll have to wait and see my post in a few days. But let's just say the choice of company was easy.

    2. lol, I wasn't sure if you'd made up your mind or not.
      I may shadow you guys and do US tank destroyer company.

    3. Your more than welcome to join in fully if you want? But either way that's cool.