Thursday, 12 July 2012

So I Bought A House Today... No Wait A Village!

Hi All

So I was looking over the Flames of War site this morning for the weekly update and I saw they had put up a subscription deal for their new Western Europe Building sets. I was planning on buying all the building anyway as they look good, I'm a massive fan of the GF9 Terrian sets and I wanted a village for my Flames of War games (Also I knew if I didn't buy them I knew I regret it).
The deal seems a good one to me. You get free P&P and you also get alot of add on bits for the buildings for free. These bits include:-

Walls and Monuments
and Out Buildings
All in all a great deal and somethings I had to sign up for! The only down side is I'm now planning on spending more money roads so I have enough for the village!

I'll do a review when the first one turns up.

Thanks for reading and until next time



  1. Sounds like a decent enough deal, esp if you were going to buy them all anyway.

    1. It really is! I might still pick up a few more from my LGS as and when I see them.

  2. That does look like quite the deal there indeed. Looking forward to seeing the reviews.

  3. So have I now, thanks to this post.

  4. Must admit I like the look of these too, and a subscription deal might just tip me over the edge!

  5. They are very nice I do wish you could do the subscription through your LGS.

  6. Somewere on the Battlefront Forums it JP does say that if you talk to syour LGS about it he would make BF find a way to make it work with the LSG.