Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Road to FearNaught - El Alamein - DAK - Situation Report

Hi All

Thought I would post up a quick situation report of were I am with the army. Well I was quite surprised to realise I have almost finished my Fearnaught list! I still have quite a few extra bits to get down for when I turn teh army into an EW and later MW DAK but my initial goal of Fearnaught is almost there.

My army as it stands, 5 out of the 6 platoons done (well bar transports).

What I have left to do:-

 SdKfz 10's for my 2 Pak 36(r)'s

Opelbltiz Trucks for my Grenider Platoons

SdKfz 223 (Fu) and SdKfz 222 (2cm)

The only bits I still need to buy is five Kubelwagen for command stands. I'm very confident I can get all of this down on time, even with my first painting commision due for the same event (an Italian army).

As always thanks for reading.



  1. The army looks really impressive there, great desert damage on the guns and tanks. Think you've done a really nice job on the infantry bases too.

    The DAK is a great looking army, stubby Panzer IVs, 88s, SdKfz 222s - you've done them all!

  2. Allways nice to see the collection in one picture. Looking forward to see the whole army later on.

  3. absolutely fantastic looking

  4. You are making nice progress there.
    Not sure I could face painting another infantry company just yet, I think I'll stick with the Panzer force...