Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Late War Hungarians - Part 9 (My First Go With An Airbrush)

Hello All

Over Easter I had the chance to use my friend Dave's airbrush, so I took the opportunity to spray on some camo onto my Hungarian Panthers and Tigers. Now I have never used an airbrush to do anything other than a base coat so I was a bit worried, I was more worried when the camo didn't quite come out as I thought it would... so the models moved to the back of my painting pill, that was until today. I needed to get them done for this weekends FOW big game and so I found the guide I had been using on line and finished them off. So here is Ervin Tarczay and a platoon of Hungarian tigers.

I'm happy how they have come out, they look different to how I thought they would when I first planned on getting them sprayed up but overall I'm happy.

Ervin Tarczay

The Platoon

If anyone can pick out any rookie errors I have made please let me know!

Next up I'm planning on getting my 3rd platoon of Shermans painted for the weekend, if I have time I will also finish off my Hungarian Panthers. I wish I didn't have to paint the Shermans so I could go straight to the Panthers but I'm going to be strong and keep to my plan!

Thanks for looking.



  1. Looks like a nice paint job to me.

  2. Ditto, looks like a solid paint job, and with the airbrush the colors look like they would on a real tank.. kudos to that mate!

  3. ya i like how it turned out. nice and blended. paint exposed to the elements would look worn and even subtle. great job Ben.

    1. Thanks Guys. Glad you all like them.